1. Handmade bread

2. Garlic pizza (30 cm)

3. Insalata di patate
(potatoes, yoghurt, fresh onion, smoked pepper, parsley, lemon,
virgin olive oil, sweet paprika, oregano)

4. Verde
(Variety of lettuce .mozzarella, groats, cherry tomatoes, radicchio,
iceburg, , rucola, balsamic cream, virgin olive oil)

5. Caesar
(Roasted chicken .variety of lettuce, croutons, bacon, corn,
cherry tomatoes, parmesan, caesar sauce)

6. Rucola Prosciutto
(Rucola, spinach, dried tomato, parmesan, prosciutto, virgin olive oil,
balsamic cream)

7. Salmone
(Smoked salmon, variety of lettuce, cucumber, capers, dill, lime sauce)

8. Cheeseburger salad
(Variety of lettuce, crispy bacon, burger with melted cheddar, cherry tomatoes,
croutons, fresh onion, caesar sauce)

9. Tuna fusilly
(Fussily pasta,tuna,lime sauce.carrot,
cherry tomatoes,cucumber,dill,rocket,red pepper
(Homemade Cretan pasta, ‘MELKO’))

10. Chicken fusilly
(fussily pasta, bacon, corn, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, chicken,
Caesar sauce (Homemade Cretan pasta, ‘MELKO’))

11. Italian Corner
(variety of lettuce, smoked streaky, rocket, dried plum, dried fig,
green apple, pine, provolone, smoked paprika, cherry tomatoes, balsamic, fig sauce)


12. Tartufo porcini
(Risotto with cream, truffle oil and porcini mushrooms)

13. Polo al cary
(Rissoto with cream, chicken, broccoli, carry and
cream cheese.)

14. Shrimp
(Rissoto with shrimps with ouzo, pumpkin and carrot.)

15. Variety of sea food with ouzo
(Octopus, shrimps, mussels and tomato sause)


Burger is 180gr made from 100% fresh beef meat
(All of our burgers served with fried potatoes)

16. Cheeseburger
(burger, gouda cheese, ketchup, mustard, onion, tomato)

17. BBQ burger
(burger, Cheddar, caramelised onions, bacon, tomato, lettuce lollo, BBQ sauce)

18. Breakfast
(burger, mayonnaise, lettuce lollo, tomato, cheddar, egg)

19. Gorgonzola
(burger, provolone, lettuce, mushrooms, gorgonzola sauce)

20. Jack Daniel’s burger
(burger, cream cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, tomato, jack Daniel’s sauce)

21. Chickenburger 180gr
(lettuce, tomato, bacon, Cheddar cheese, Caesar sauce, mayonnaise)


22. Margherita
(Tomato sauce, Gouda-Edam, cherry tomatoe)

23. 4 Formaggio
(Tomato sauce, Gouda-Edam gorgonzola, mozzarella.)

24. Vegeteriana
(Tomato sauce, Gouda-Edam, green pepper, olive, mushrooms, tomato, onion, corn.)

25. Paesana
(Tomato sauce ,Gouda-Edam,tomato, onion, green pepper,
feta cheese, olive, egg, oregano, sausage.)

26. Capricciosa
(Tomato sauce, Gouda-Edam, mushrooms, ham, bacon, green pepper)

27. Carbonara
(Milk cream, Gouda-Edam, mushrooms, ham, bacon.)

28. BBQ
(Tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, Gouda-Edam, pepperoni, mushrooms.)

29. Di Polio
(Cream, Gouda-Edam, green pepper, curry, mushrooms, chicken.)

30. Rucola Prosciutto
(Tomato sauce, mozzarella, rocket, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, prosciutto)

31. Da tutto
(Tomato sauce, Gouda-Edam, green pepper, mushrooms, pepperoni, bacon, ham)

32. Tuna
(Tomato sauce, Gouda-Edam, onion, olive, feta cheese, tuna)

33. Salmone
(Cream, mozzarella, lemon, dill, cream cheese, salmon.)

34. Italian Corner
(Tomato sauce, provolone, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, smoked streaky.)

All our recipes can be prepared as Calzone without extra charge. (Dough 30cm)

Extra Materials

Sausages: 1.00€, Chicken: 1.50€,
Mushrooms: 0.80€, Vegetabes: 0.50€, Cheeses: 1.00€.


(*Gluten free Penne: extra charge 0.50€
Selection of pasta: Spaghetti, Penne & Linguine
they are cooked on the spot (Barilla).
Tortellini (Barilla): extra charge 1.00€)

35. Napoliten
(Tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, basil, onion)

36. Pesto genovese
(Pesto sauce, pine, parmesan, garlic)

37. 4 Formaggio
(Gorgonzola, cream cheese, fresh thyme pine, parmesan, provolone.)

38. Arrabbiata
(Smoked bacon, cream, tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, garlic, red pepper flakes)

39. Carbonara
(Smoked streaky, cream, yolk, parmesan)

40. Bolognese
(Minced meat sauce)

41. Di polio
(Chicken, onion, fresh thyme, smoked peppers, cream cheese, cream.)

42. Prosciutto/Metsovone formaggio
(Prosciutto tomato sauce, thyme, garlic, rocket)

43. Barolo
(Pork fillet, mushrooms, mavrodaphne sauce, tarragon, white cheese)

44. Pollo al carry
(Chicken, peppers (three colors), mushrooms, onion, carry, cream)

45. Tuna
(tuna, tomato sauce, fresh onion, olives, smoked peppers, capers)

46. Salmone
(Smoked salmon, fresh onion, ouzo, cream, capers, coriander, lime)

47. Gamberetto Ubriaco
(Shrimps, onion, ouzo, tomato sauce)

48. Variety of seafood
(Tomato sause, octopus, shrimps, mussels, ouzo)

49. Skioufikto el Greco
(Sausage, peppers(three colors) .tomato sauce, onion, red wine, feta cheese,
dried tomato, white cheese (Homemade Cretan pasta, ‘MELKO’))

50. Handmade ravioli
(filled with mushrooms and sauce)

51. Italian Corner
(Smoked steak, chicken, onion, smoked paprika, provolone cream)

Light Menu


52. Tacchino
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, turkey, green pepper (160 kcals/per piece))

53. Margherita
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes (160 kcals/per piece))

54. Vegeteriana
(tomato sauce, mozzarella, tomato, onion, rocket, pepper (160 kcals/per piece))

(30cm whole meal flour)


(served with penne total)

55. Aglio Olio
(garlic, virgin olive oil (560 kcals))

56. Vegeteriana
(virgin olive oil, onion, tri-color pepper, pumpkin, carrot, mushrooms,
cream cheese, thyme, rocket (590 kcals))

57. Mustard – Chicken
(virgin olive oil, mustard, chicken, broccoli, onion
cream cheese, white wine, lemon (790 kcals))

58. Handmade turmeric fussily pasta
(chicken, onion, turmeric, cream cheese, white wine)


59. Spring rolls
(Ham, bacon, cheese, cream cheese)

60. Eggplant springrolls

Soft Drinks

61. Coca cola – light – zero 330ml

62. Coca cola stevia 330ml

63. Coca cola 500ml

64. Coca cola 1L

65. Coca cola 1,5L

66. Fanta orange – blue – lemon 330ml

67. Soda 330ml

68. Sprite 330ml

69. Water 500ml

70. Water 1L


71. Mythos 330ml

72. Fix 330ml


73. Milk chocolate

74. White chocolate

75. Mixed chocolate
(milk & white chocolate)

76. Cream

77. Strawberry

78. Butter

*Served with ice cream with extra charge 1.80€

Ice Creams

74. Kilogram price
(Noodle with fresh milk ice cream)